We are a venture capital firm focused on seed level and early stage investments based on technology startups

A squad of visionary entrepreneurs, marketeers and business developers whose collective goal is to spot great ideas on the Digital side, make them bullet proof, and deploy them A to Z in the market for strategic Exit.

Future-proof Seed

We choose the future for today's investments. Our extensive knowledge about the digital market through comprehensive assessment and development of irrefutable technology-based concepts to become winning bets.

From dream to reality

From sketch to market, we have the A to Z tools for startups to become set. Strategic networking for symbiotic partnering, and a team of creative marketeers to make our business's reach be the most cost-effective.

Creating Values

By understanding the maths of business, we set our entrepreneurs to follow the compass for largely scalable valuations, relying on comprehensive business development resting for no less than great success.


Strategically crafted and timed exits contribute for the rapid expansion of our business portfolio, allowing for new investment horizons to be reached, resorting to our network of investors and second-round funders.


Launching Soon


If you are an entrepreneur that believes in the success of your purpose, we may be the partners you need to kick-start your online business. Here's how:


We will polish the concept and seed-fund it


We will market it and advertise it


We will set up the operations and launch it


Arif Saiyad CEO

Arif Saiyad turned on the light for ASA Ventures when he shifted lanes from the intricate realm of software engineering to a much larger, more aggressive arena of entrepreneurship.

Igor Amaro Marketing

Igor is one of the pioneer members of ASA and has been its co-pilot since Day 1. He co-created a number of projects under the ASA umbrella, and has been instrumental in driving the team towards on-point marketing strategies.

Samreen Shaikh Production

There is always someone that has to get the job done, and Samreen does so effortlessly. Her background in computer science gives her the perfect vantage point for ASA's companies.

Lea Realon Communications

Lea's pen is ASA's tool that gets brand conversions, sustained interest, and morale among the company's stakeholders.

Abhay Kumar Human Resources

Abhay's entire career has been dedicated to making sure the company's best asset--its people--is taken care of. Through him, ASA acquires and retains the best talents in the industry.

Aysha Mohammed Executive Coordinator

Every organization needs a tireless worker that always stays on top of everything and makes sure that everything is running smoothly. Aysha keeps everyone in the team up-to-date and all tasks marked "Done"


Ideas Incubated

Media Mentions


We're constantly looking for talented people. if you think you have what it takes to be a part of an exteremely dynamic team, you can be our next hire. send your Resume to hr@asa.ventures.

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