ASA Ventures introduces Pulse, the first AI Company Executive
BY: ASA Staff Writer | Jun 12, 2018

2018一The future promised to us by sci-fi movies of the 90's is here. In fact, it’s been here for a while and interestingly enough, popular culture got so much of it right, barring teleportation or time travel. Everything has been developing at an exponential pace because of technology. Today, we are witnessing the rise of AI, specifically machine learning.

This fast-paced development brings about change, and change is something that is often met by opposing responses. There’s the crowd whose first response is terror at how fast technology is catching up on human life; and there’s trailblazers fearlessly experimenting with the potential of unleashed technology. ASA Ventures has always been one of the latter.

15 years, 2 continents, 4 countries. ASA Ventures built and operated about 100 different companies, in 4 different countries, with one common thread that tied them together - technology. More specifically, we have focused on data-driven AI and machine learning,
creating, developing, and deploying automation in key aspects of business processes. Not with the intention of replacing humans, but to reduce the human error factor, creating powered exoskeletons for the human brain, incentivizing productivity and reducing repetitive tasks. This allowed us to develop lean businesses with more room for experimentation.

This year, ASA Ventures crossed a new milestone. A dream that was envisioned as young and curious entrepreneurs 15 years back is now becoming a tangible reality.

All this time we were building and perfecting a data-rich AI system that has been assisting us not only in controlling every aspect of our business operations, raising red flags at the right times, and revealing icebergs on our radar. It also helps identify growth potentials for our
companies and point them towards the right direction. In a nutshell, it’s ASA’s secret AI executive.

We named it Pulse. In the beginning it was just a companion to the manager, a dashboard of sorts that enabled an executive to make sound decisions. It learned faster than what it was taught. It took better, more informed business decisions than an experienced human with all the
certificates. It has been successfully promoted to Board Advisor for several of our firms that ended up being successful ventures.

Pulse is better than us at many levels. It does more research than a human could ever do, bases all its decisions on data rather than guts; it doesn’t sleep nor is it affected by emotions. It feeds on empirical data, thus it can predict outcomes better than humans. We at ASA Ventures do believe a business is a living organism, and human warmth should always be in its very DNA, but when it comes to success-oriented, optimal business decisions, we look at Pulse as a better option. We believe that a leaner, more efficient and optimized business not only benefits its investors or employees, but also contributes and impacts positively the business ecosystem in which it operates.

We believe the time has come to give Pulse its own startup to run. 2019 will see the first Self Driving Company, with Pulse as its first robot CEO. Pulse will found and fully run its own startup, from hiring human staff to work for it, making all operational and financial decisions, and control every aspect of its own company.

We see it as a new, bigger step for technology, and this time with something that could change not just small bits and pieces of business, but the whole entire way we do it. ASA Ventures has once again proven that innovation is what happens when you take action on that one, little idea.