How Can You Market your Seasonal Business Off-Season?
BY: ASA Staff Writer | Dec 10, 2017

Now that we’re down to the last days of the year, it’s no surprise that various brands have started to roll out their holiday gimmicks. You may also have noticed that some businesses that stayed off the limelight for the duration of the year are now leveling the playing field. For the latter, this may be their chance to shine, but what happens after the decorations are taken down, signaling the end of the season? Do they go back to the sidelines and wait another 11 months for their big break?


Luckily, they don’t have to. A good marketing strategy can ensure that they stay afloat--even without the mistletoes. Here are a few more ways to ensure you’re not forgotten come lean season:


<strong>Grow your customer list</strong>

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We know that you’re taking advantage of the peak season, but what happens after? Take this as an opportunity to grow your client database. Hand out flyers, make calls, create calls-to-action--no idea is too crazy! By tapping on everyone, even those who only displayed the slightest interest, you get more chances of securing sales even long after the season is over.


<strong>Publish relatable content</strong>

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If you’re a sports equipment shop, don’t hesitate to write about camping even in the middle of the winter. Seems crazy? Put it this way: by writing about seasonal activities months before the actual season, you still get to create hype and get people excited. Just keep in mind that your content must resonate with the readers, so write it the way a person who longs for the heat of the sun would want to read it.


<strong>Offer deals and discounts</strong>

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This one’s a no-brainer. Customers love marked-down prices, and some of them even wait for off-season sales on purpose because of the promos and discounts that come with them. Although it’s not really advisable to resort to this method whenever business is slow, this is definitely guaranteed to give your sales a much-needed boost.


<strong>Stay in touch</strong>

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Lastly, never let your clients forget your existence. Make use of social media to make your presence known. Send out newsletters every month if you can. By constantly communicating with your market, you get to stay relevant in their minds.