As SMEs are the backbone of the economy and a key focus for Expo 2020, how Callix can help them deliver excellent customer service at low costs

As SMEs are the backbone of the economy and a key focus for Expo 2020, how Callix can help them deliver excellent customer service at low costs

By ASA Staff Writer | May 9, 2018

Following the recent economic changes, the regional business landscape has transformed quite extensively in the last few years. While many long-established businesses are re-thinking their activities in the region, many others have opted out of the global system in favour of more local opportunities. This has led to a rise in the number of SME business activities in the region, whichtoday contributesto the region’s total GDP.


To continue its support towards the growth of the economy these businesses need to be supported in turn by various technological services. In addition, and with the Expo 2020 around the corner, Dubai SMEs will benefit a great deal in the years ahead, and will require support with managing their customers.


“Today, the world needs to change its perception about SMEs and their potential for growth, and in turn their ability to contribute to the overall performance of the economy, which is often undermined. I believe supporting their businesses through the provision of multiple solutions catered to their needs will subsequently endow them with trust and help them achieve their full potential,” commented Arif Sayed, CEO and Founder of Callix.


Conscious of the importance of bridging the gap between businesses and their customers, Callix proposes intelligent customer happiness solutions, offering call management services and data analytics to its business partners. By bringing along a comprehensive and customizable customer solutions centre, Callix aims to enhance business activities and improve SME outreach by ensuring that every single call isanswered.


Equipped with a multilingual team of capable agents, available 24/7, Callix eliminates the need torecruit, train and maintain personnel to communicate with their clientele, while broadening their customer outreach. In addition, capitalizing on human interaction instead of impersonal digital personas, businesses can ensure quicker answers, accurate solutions, and consequently enhance customer happiness.


In addition, Callix supports business owners by developing actionable analytics based on customer interactions. These data analytics are devised to help businesses get an insight of recurrent customer concerns and problems through its artificial intelligence tools, and thus, better serve them.


Callix’s simple set-up procedure and its range of affordable packages makes the establishment of a customer contact centre more accessible, even for SMEs with a limited budget, all without compromising on the quality of the service. What’s more, through its fully automated online administration panel, businesses can expect timely assistance and prompt notifications on call transactions.


Due to its distinctive and innovative approach, Callix can be plausibly saidto disrupt the way customer contact centresoperate in the UAE.

ASA Staff Writer

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