The Holiday Checklist Your Business Needs

The Holiday Checklist Your Business Needs

By ASA Staff Writer | December 20, 2017

‘Tis the season to be jolly! 

December is regarded as ‘the most wonderful time of the year’ because streets are filled with lights, and homes overflow with gifts and good cheer. You know what else the season is filled with? Rushing, complaining, and a sudden influx of customers—where were they when you needed them? The last thing you want is to become a business Grinch.


Greeting Cards (E-cards)


Number one in relieving the tension during the holiday rush is to let your customers feel appreciated. Send them a personalized greeting and maybe even a special promo to lift their spirits.


Ample Manpower


For many people, this is the season of countless vacation leaves. In the meantime, it is always great to have somebody ready to answer every customer call.


Great Communication


Lost packages and mix-ups are quite common in the December delivery mayhem. For freight and courier businesses, it is best to have a clear line of communication and an effective ‘Plan B’ for when things go south.
For those in other industries, communication with your client can be as simple as giving them a heads up on your holiday work schedule.


Inventory and supplies


If Santa checks his list twice, check yours thrice! Always make sure you have more than enough of everything that you promise your customers. An empty warehouse is an empty promise to the customer.


Happy Employees


Your people are human after all. They can only stretch themselves so far to meet your business and the customers’ needs. If you push them too much, their stress will definitely reflect in their output. Whether it’s a one-day break or a company Christmas party, giving them the rest and appreciation they deserve will send them back to the office recharged and ready to deliver. Happy employees generate happy customers.
Didn’t get to do these this year? Take notes and perform even better during the next ho-ho-ho-holiday season!


ASA Staff Writer

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