Website FAQs aren’t enough

Website FAQs aren’t enough

By ASA Staff Writer | July 12, 2018

There are so many ways to make customers’ experiences easy on your website. From ergonomic UX to automated responses, you’d think they’d have everything they need. Sometimes, you might even rely on FAQs or pre-set responses to complaints or queries so as to lessen time on the phone or responding to emails. Unfortunately, in a lot of cases, FAQs aren’t enough.



Many websites follow the trend of making users submit questions and complaints through online forms. You might even find other sites without a telephone number or email in the contact details. The thing is, you have to be prepared for the time when your customer won’t find what he or she needs in your pre-written responses.



Avoid giving them more frustration than they already have by making your customer support more accessible. And when we say “accessible”, we mean let your customers talk to actual human beings who don’t rely on algorithms to answer questions. A study shows that a few years ago, 67% of customers have ended calls because they were frustrated that they could not talk to a live person.



Outsource your own little army of patient and knowledgeable individuals who can answer angry or confused customers’ every call. When you have people posted 24/7 for this task alone, you open quicker and more ways for customers to reach you—giving them the best service they’ll ever experience. Remember, it takes 12 good experiences to make up for 1 bad encounter. Save yourself the exhaustion of working 10 times as hard to win back your customers by recruiting extra help.

ASA Staff Writer

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