Arif Saiyad
Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Saiyad is the eponymous founder and CEO of ASA Ventures. His foray into entrepreneurship started in his native Portugal in 2003, where ASA was formed and since has successfully established businesses in many countries. His visionary approach to entrepreneurship is the driving force behind the success of the group, and his affinity for turnkey and innovative solutions tailored for cross-industry businesses has been instrumental in the expansion of ASA’s ecosystem. His natural business acumen and instinctive solution-oriented mindset have made him the perfect backstage collaborator for technology-related businesses.

His operational expertise is mainly in machine learning, artificial intelligence, web engineering, and software development paired with extensive experience in e-commerce, marketing, and business analytics. He dominates a unique and pivotal niche in the venture capital landscape as both an investor and an operating partner. With a bachelor's in Engineering from Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa (ISEL), he completed his software engineering course with Microsoft and is also a Google-certified developer.

His control of technological gravity paired with his visionary entrepreneurial spirit has turned what was his first web development company in Lisbon into his first lucrative exit. This milestone has since opened doors for more ASA companies in different parts of the world. He seed-funded and eventually operated, an e-commerce website based in Dubai. His initial investment of $30,000 turned into $3 million almost overnight, as he found the right means to address a glaring market gap in electronic gadget retail. In the first quarter of 2017, he started Callix, a call center service company with a specific focus on SMEs. By December 2017, Callix was in all leading newspapers in the region. With his operational models, investors get incredible strategic benefits with unparalleled visibility into the very disruption that shakes up the incumbents. |