Abhay Kumar
Chief Financial Officer
Mr. Kumar largely contributes to ASA Ventures’ efforts to become a major name in the venture capital scene as he lends a steady and pragmatic hand to the team. He ensures the company is able to meet its financial commitments and manage cash flow in the most efficient way. He manages investments and handles other liquidity-related decisions. He also oversees the capital structure by determining an optimal mix of debt, equity, and internal financing.

He finished his MBA program specializing in Finance from the IMI Belgian-affiliated Indian Institute of Planning and Management. He also holds a certificate in Planning and Business Entrepreneurship from ISBE and is NISM certified. His foray into finance began with an internship with Kotak Mahindra, which eventually led him to become a financial adviser with ICICI Group. He was responsible for portfolios of high net worth individuals in the financial markets. He was also with Anand Rathi Global Finance Limited in the same capacity.

He is a huge proponent of continuing professional development, hence he is pursuing his third level CIPD certification at an institute in Dubai.

He is an active supporter and member of NGOs dedicated to social work in India. Part and parcel of his volunteer work include seeking donations for medical relief for those in need of optical and cardiac operations. He has also volunteered in blood drives and fundraisers to provide wheelchairs for the handicapped. He devotes his weekends to a civic organization whose latest major event is an audience with the current Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi.
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