Haider Syed
Head - Corporate & Strategic Partnerships
Mr. Syed is a vital member of ASA Ventures with his inherent talent for business networking and external relations. As the organization's Head of Corporate & Strategic Partnerships, he establishes relationships with potential business partners, clients, and investors, both in the local and international domain. His successful link building has brought invaluable partnerships to the group and has cemented ASA Ventures' foothold in international business landscapes.

He graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Commerce from Karachi University, Pakistan. His exposure to business and entrepreneurship began at an early stage of his life. His early foray into business has led him to widen his expertise in business management and coaching, focused networking, and strategic business negotiations. He joined a manufacturing conglomerate and has successfully established and expanded its distribution arm with an international market reach and contracts.

His entrepreneurial pursuits have been lucrative businesses. He transformed a platform for virtual assistants catering to American clients, into a full-scale call center in Pakistan. He has established and operated a motorcycle trading company with an improved cost to profit ratio and through his intervention, the sales increased manyfold. He was also briefly involved in brand management for a pharmaceutical company that launched its line of cardiac health medicine. He has actively supported charitable institutions in Pakistan by providing monthly support for underprivileged families, through basic and medical necessities.
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