Rent Free

Rentfree is a real estate concept that uses the "frenting" model: consumers make a one-time deposit for a home of their choice and allows them the privilege to switch houses as much as they like. It eliminates the need for consumers to pay a monthly rent, and bridges the gap between buying and renting.

- Rentfree eliminates the need for consumers to pay monthly rental fees for their home in the UAE.
- Rentfree offers flexibility as it allows the consumer to switch to a different home in the same price range as long as the contract is active.
- Rentfree refunds the entire amount deposited in the beginnig of contract, without deductions or service fees."

Promise to Stakeholders

- clientele growth
- long-term contracts
- long-term ROI

- "rent-free" living
- flexible options
- full reimbursement of deposit
- free from house maintenance concerns
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