is the number one UAE-based e-commerce electronics marketplace since its conception in 2013. It features unbeatable prices and has become a platform for sellers that seek to go online but do not have the website or established logistics and customer service infrastructure. Over the years it has gained a massive following on social media, as it offers competitive prices such that a Lowest Price Guarantee is part of the company policy.

- maintains its lowest price guarantee - allowing one to get a rebate when one finds an online seller that has a better offer.
- strives to keep its prices competitive so it always actively seeks out sellers that will provide better deals and products
- provides sellers with a plug-and-play platform that lets them sell online without hassle

Promise to Stakeholders

- Quick Return on Investment
- regular payout scheme
- established name in UAE ecommerce sphere

- Lowest price guarantee
- free delivery and no COD charges
- clear warranty and returns policy
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