RevUp is ASA Ventures' transformative platform for Dubai-based startups seeking growth acceleration.

The 12-week program grants participating entrepreneurs the rare opportunity to receive exclusive full-spectrum support and mentorship from in-house synergies composed of established and recognized practitioners from different industries.

Key Aspects

The 12-week program will serve as an avenue for participating startups to add value to key aspects of their operations by engaging with experts in the following areas.

Technology and Software Development

Receive technical support and app development from established developers and application software experts

Legal Advisory

Entrust the intricacies of your business' licensing and legal framework to experienced advisors and liaison officers

Mentoring and Training

Discover critical perspectives and up-to-date insights from the mentors and industry experts themselves

Accounts and Finance

Have your businesses' finances handled by professionals with years of experience in analysis, structuring, and bookkeeping

Customer Service

Build rapport with prospects and increase your client retention rates with our highly-trained agents from our customer care systems

Pitch Deck and Presentation Development

Learn how to create presentations that effectively communicate your business to prospective investors


Leverage on our existing relationships, network and partnerships to empower your business.

Marketing and Sales

Capitalize on in-house marketing and sales teams with years of experience in strong brand positioning

International Relations

Maximize ASA Ventures' bilateral relations in six other countries where the VC has an established presence

How Revup Works

To apply for RevUp’s startup program, submit a copy of your pitch deck, along with documents that would help us determine how we can jumpstart your journey into becoming a market leader and profitable within three months.

The initial screening

The RevUp team will go through each application, conduct initial market research and brainstorm to identify synergies and opportunities for growth. During this period, we will be contacting applicants for a more elaborate discussion on certain aspects of the business ideas. If we believe that your idea has the value and potential to disrupt the industry, you and your co-founders will receive an invitation to meet the whole team.

The winning pitch

During the meeting, you will be asked to present an elevator pitch that gives you the opportunity to highlight the key aspects of your startup. Afterwards, your team will go through a round of questions with the top officers and experienced members of ASA Ventures—high-ranking individuals with a berth of experience, all renowned in the Middle East’s startup landscape. This is your chance to engage with and learn from the people behind RevUp and meet our core team, all of whom are ready to help you accelerate your growth.

Assessment and onboarding

After the meeting, the RevUp team will conduct a comprehensive appraisal of your startup and its opportunities in the current market. Once a decision is reached, we will reach out to you for feedback and — potentially — to schedule a closing meeting where we can negotiate the terms of the program.

VC 2.0 growth hacks

During the program, you gain full access to the different departments that make up ASA Ventures, including corporate strategy, digital marketing, tech development, public relations, and investor relations. Our whole team will assist you with key decision making and growth opportunities throughout the three-month program. We will assign a project leader for your startup who would liaise with you and connect you to ASA’s specialized leaders to accelerate your success.

Post program support

Your RevUp journey doesn’t just end after you have completed the three-month program. We encourage all participating startups to remain connected with the RevUp team as alumni. Keep us posted on your startup’s developments and progress — a quarterly report of your business’ performance, including follow-up investments and valuations.

What to include in your pitch deck

Please ensure that the following are part of your pitch deck. The RevUp Team will only prioritize complete submissions during the review.

Elevator Pitch

This is a brief summary of your business idea. It must contain your vision and mission, or how you can solve a problem with your product or service.

Story and Milestones

We would like to learn about your startup’s journey. Kindly indicate your timeline and milestones, along with your growth metrics, media mentions, and testimonials (if there are any).

Market Opportunity

Define the problem you are solving. Who is your product or service for? If someone else already offers your product or service, what is your edge against the competition?

The Problem and Your Solution

This is a brief summary of your business idea. It must contain your vision and mission, or how you can solve a problem with your product or service.

Business Model

We would like to hear about your key revenue streams. Who is your primary customer and how did you determine the value of your product or service? What is your current revenue and number of clients served? What is the lifetime value of an average customer?

Market Approach and Strategy

We would like to know how you plan on reaching your target customers. Where can you find them and what would be your unique approach? How will you achieve your target growth rates?

Your Team and Stakeholders

Tell us about your key members, their primary functions, and their backgrounds. How can their roles and experience help grow your business?

Financial Matters

What is your financial projection for the next 3 to 5 years? Highlight the total number of customers, revenue, expenses, and EBITDA annually.


How is your business doing in the larger market compared to your competition? Share with us your competitors, why they succeeded, and what sets your business apart from theirs.


We would like to know how you are going to utilize the funding for your business. How much capital are you raising and who are your current investors, if there are any? Share with us as well your key use of proceeds and capital expenses.


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