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ASA Ventures is a hybrid venture capital firm established in 2003 in Portugal and is currently headquartered in Dubai. It is the combined strength of professional expertise and smart capital, adding value to the start-up ecosystem with a unique investment philosophy and in-house expertise. With a diverse investment portfolio comprising of B2B and B2C companies, ASA Ventures invests in various industries: from customer satisfaction, business optimization, and retail, all the way to modest fashion. Working with well-established operating models, ASA Ventures turns around its portfolio companies into leaders of their own domains.

The established investment process and extensive experience in developing and investing in startups allows ASA Ventures to secure high-quality assets at attractive valuations with extensive technical and operating expertise on the international stage.


ASA Ventures was founded in Lisbon, Portugal, with Central Media as its first startup. It was a web development company that specialized in web design and graphics. In the same year, 247, the first call centre that ASA Ventures invested in, was established. After a year of operating, and enrolling 700 new customers, 247 was sold to Your Voice.

Brandsome was established as a marketing and advertising company. Brandsome is a boutique digital marketing agency that specializes in creating brand identity and online presence through strategic website development, social media marketing, and content production.

Alliance Media, the first low-cost media planning agency in Portugal, was founded by ASA Ventures after the success of Central Media. The company enabled advertisers to buy last-minute print and broadcast spots for a fraction of the usual price.

During the time when loyalty cards were all the rage, ASA Ventures also created its own version of it in Portugal, the cartão pontos, which allowed a customer not only to earn points but to get discounts at participating establishments. Tastycard, a customer loyalty program for an affiliated restaurant network, was founded.

ASA bought 25% of Netanswers. Prior to the fibre optics boom in Europe, it was the only contracting and engineering company that specialized in fibre optic telecommunications infrastructure in Portugal. Through Netanswers, Portugal was the first country in Europe to pilot test and eventually mainstream this technology.

ASA Ventures established Lahnu Tcharass interior and design services, the first to use Google’s proprietary 3D modeling technology to build innovative yet inexpensive groundbreaking interior design concepts.

ASA Ventures acquired shares at Xroomz, a concept motel located in the heart of Lisbon, Portugal. In the same year, ASA Ventures opened a new company called Central de Servicos. It was a portal outfitted with a complex search algorithm that allowed users to search for services spanning B2B and B2C, from construction to web design, for the best price.

Central Media was sold to emiaweb.com for 370,000 euros. In the UK, ASA Ventures established URVip, a system that allowed users to compare and purchase tickets to the hottest and most exclusive nightlife spots. Meanwhile, Gamejuggler, the earliest version of Swappo, was developed and pilot tested.

ASA Ventures successfully seed funded mobileshop.ae, and moved its headquarters to Dubai, UAE. mobileshop.ae offers competitive prices for mobile devices to this day.

ASA entered into discussions with investors for a possible product exchange platform tailored to the UAE. ASA Ventures also began conceptualizing a comprehensive career platform called Worko.

Algorithms for Worko were completed. Worko is the first unified career development and HR recruitment platform that is more than a job listing website.

Shopix, ASA Ventures integrated procurement company, was formally incorporated into the portfolio. In the same year, Datamax began its operations in India. Datamax is an outsourced database builder and customized data entry service provider for global clients. The year ended with the conception of Codex, a combined financing and courier service for e-commerce business owners. Snappo.ae went live and began publishing articles and producing video and social content.

Unbreak began signing up gadget retailers around Dubai. Unbreak is an affordable and Shari'ah compliant electronic device assurance provider that offers diverse protection terms for various devices. ASA Ventures developed a version of 247 in the form of Callix, the first cost-effective call center for SMEs. ASA Ventures also created a complimentary service called Chatsource, 24/7 global outsourced live chat service provide. In Portugal, mobiledeals.pt goes live and is received warmly by Portuguese consumers.

Callix was officially introduced to the Dubai media community at the brand launch. ASA Ventures acquired Winks, an e-commerce loyalty program. Companies such as Hijab House and Gulf Events, an international events management company, also came under the ASA umbrella. Gulf Events successfully launched The Equity Room, a startup reality show. ASA Ventures’ corporate presence in Pakistan and Mauritius was established.

Current Investments
140+ Employees

12 weeks.
5 startups.
1 goal.

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Portfolio & Companies under Incubation

ASA invests and collaborate into companies with strong management teams, including startups and established companies and we work closely with the founders and management teams that we invest into, providing the tools that they require for competitive advantage and for long lasting capabilities

Companies under Incubation
Companies under Incubation
Companies under Incubation
Companies under Incubation
Companies under Incubation
Companies under Incubation
Companies under Incubation

Core Team

Arif Saiyad Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Saiyad is the eponymous founder and CEO of ASA Ventures. His foray into entrepreneurship started in his native Portugal in 2003 where ASA was formed and since...

arif@asa.ventures |
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Danish Rizvi Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Rizvi is a seasoned senior executive with over 18 years of experience in investment banking, corporate finance, private equity, venture capital, structured finance, mergers and...

danish@asa.ventures |
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Lea Realon Head - Corporate Communications

Ms. Realon is the Head of Corporate Communications and is an industrious asset of ASA. She is a talented and peak-performing Senior Public Relations and...

lea@asa.ventures |
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Haider Syed Head - Business Development

Mr. Syed is a vital member of ASA Ventures with his inherent talent for business networking and external relations. As the organization’s head of...

syed@asa.ventures |
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Kheirya Elesawy Project Manager - Callix

Mrs. Kheyria is one of the driving force of ASA’s success with a decade-long career.She continues to be a strong figure as ASA’s Executive Vice President of Operations. Born and raised in Libya, she...

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Nadhir Tahri Vice President - Operations

Mr. Tahri, brings a decades’ experience of managing people and clients to ASA as the VP – Operations.He holds an international Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality and...

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Samreen Shaikh Lead Startup Booster, RevUp

Ms. Shaikh as the Vice President - Production Department, has been an integral part in the success of ASA. She is a seasoned digital architect with a passion for emerging media...

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Abhay Kumar Vice President - Human Resources

Mr. Abhay Kumar heads the ASA’s Human Resource division, and has a straightforward approach ensuring the group’s most important assets well i.e. the employees. Holding an MBA...

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AYMAN EBADA Project Manager - Unbreak

Mr. Ebada as ASA’s sales manager has an impressive track record with prior experience in entrepreneurship and optometry. He is a sales expert with a focus on promoting ASA’s...

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Ajinkya Tanpure Assistant Vice President - Investments and Strategy

Mr. Ajinkya Tanpure has a strong grip on the research and investment analysis for the group. Currently, pursuing CFA and being an undergraduate in Mechanical Engineering...

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Abeer Bape Project Manager - Mobileshop.ae

Ms. Bape is the Corporate Coordinator of ASA Ventures and is a vital member to the group's success. With her assertive attitude and perseverance, she has established...

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Country Heads

Igor Amaro Country Head - Portugal

Igor Amaro is one of ASA Ventures’ pioneer team members who, in no small part, helped establish the foundations of what is now an international venture capital company with ...

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Osman Ramdin Country Head - Mauritius

Mr. Ramdin is a seasoned chartered accountant and an entrepreneur having 26 years of experience. He has worked in the accounting and auditing sectors serving in the...

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